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Eemnesserweg 64A,
1271 LW Huizen

Phone Number

035 78 59 532


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All Carpix workshop partners use only the best products available in the market, to assure providing the maximum quality services on your high standard car.

The results of our provided services applied on your car, can assure your 100% satisfaction if you choose the right services for your car.

All of our prices include the best quality auto cosmetic services along with the free professional carpix door to door service.

You can request pre-final qoute before you book Carpix, The price should be confirmed after your car is inspected by Carpix on the pick-up appointment.

A 395 euro downpayment applies to book Carpix; your payment link will be sent to your email address to be paid online and any remaining balance will apply on the pick-up appointment of your car.

The downpayment could be non-refundable and apply as a penalty charge, if you have a late booking cancelation or a late request for changing your booking date. This is required to create the maximum efficiency in providing our unique door to door service, which obviously has a separate, high running cost for our company.

Before your booking the pick-up and the estimated delivery date of your car will be informed to you and has to be confirmed again once the car is checked and ready for delivery by Carpix.

Carpix main office is based in Amsterdam for meeting appointments during business hours and its highly secured workshop partners are the highest quality workshops in the netherlands, professionallized in providing all different kinds of high standard auto cosmetic services.

You can only call us for getting more information about our services. To book a Carpix, you must apply on website.